Thursday, 24 August 2017

How to Make Moving Day Fun and Easy

The words "fun" and "moving" rarely go together because, let's be honest: moving is usually a first-class ticket to Stress City.
Moving day is the culmination of major efforts to get everything boxed up, secured and otherwise ready for the trip to your new home. It's often a long day filled with hard work. To keep your move fun and positive, you need to do some planning. How can you make moving day easier and simpler? Consider this advice:

Plan Everything Ahead of Time

For some people, getting organized and making plans as soon as possible is like second nature. For those who tend to go with the flow, a lot of advance planning isn't as common. No matter your disposition, it's vital that you make sure every concern is addressed early on for a move. Reach out to Mr.Move early on to make sure you can pick a date and time that work for you.
If you decide to fill boxes yourself, get to work early and try to do a little each day. If you can have everything that isn't used on a daily basis boxed up a few days before the move, you'll have far less to worry about.

Planning ahead also means getting yourself and your family ready for the big change. Developing a plan related to what you'll personally carry to your new home in the family car and the job of each person on moving day means everyone is informed and on the same page.

Choose Easy Packing

You can pack up most of your belongings - or have the professionals from Mr.Move take on this substantial task - and not have to worry about when you'll unbox them. If they remain in their containers for a few days, it's no big deal. However, there are certain things that you and your family will need to have an exceptional desire for in the hours and days after the move.

How can you effectively address this concern? Developing a packing plan and discussing items that should go in an easily accessible box or be carried in the family car is one effective solution. Armed with a list of things that should not be packed with the rest of your possessions, you can make sure everyone's wants and needs are addressed.

Pack a 'Basics' Box

It is very easy to forget the essentials when moving house but ensuring that you have a spare change of clothes, a wash bag and a charger for your phone can be very helpful. You want to avoid a situation where you have to search through boxes on the day you move in to find the basics. Pack a bag of essentials for your first twenty-four hours so you don't have to root through boxes for your toothbrush.

Be rested, well-fed and ready to go

There's lots of excitement and sometimes stress before a move. It can be hard to get a restful night of sleep before the big day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Eat a nutritionally balanced meal for dinner and budget for a full eight hours of rest to get off on the right foot.

You should also make sure you and your family can easily grab breakfast. A clear head and a full stomach go a long way toward making moving day less worrisome and more productive.

Work with a professional, courteous and secure Moving Company

It's possible to move yourself, but taking that path guarantees more work on moving day and during the weeks leading up to it. Partnering with the safe, respectful and qualified professionals at Mr.Move - The professional Moving Company means your moving day is far less complicated and labor-intensive than it otherwise would be. To make the most of your new home, leave the heavy lifting of moving day to the professionals and simply oversee the process. You'll start things off in your new home on the right foot.

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